The casual wedding.

The casual wedding.

Some people like to keep the things in their life quite and less stressful. That is why some couple prefer to organize their wedding day in a really small, moderate, circle of friends and relatives.
As a wedding photographer, whose most weddings are in the area of London, I did cover this sort of weddings too. Now some people may thing that this may be a quite boring way of setting up your special day. But I won’t agree entirely agree with this. One of the example I can give is the wedding of the lovely couple Ellie and Mark. Their guest list consisted of around 30 people, but here is the catch, it is very important who those people are. And in this case, with Ellie and Mark, their friends were the one that make the little wedding look so big and lively. For me everything about Ellie and Mark wedding was perfect, I had so many beautiful opportunity to capture some really cool and special moment, and also I was part of the whole celebration.
So in some cases casual, small weddings could have the potential of a very expensive and big one but with much less stress for the couples and the one who organizes it. The most important assets for your wedding day are the people you are inviting.
And here I like to share some highlights from this shiny little wedding day.

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